About our discount program:

We offer bulk discounts on fabrics which are priced over $27.00. The bulk discounts automatically apply when you order over 7 yards and increase at 14 yards. You can see the discounts by adding items to the cart and then clicking on the little purse icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

We sell in yards.

The minimum is 1 yard.
It is tricky setting up an online fabric store. Most of the store templates available do not accommodate textiles very well.  We wish to make 1/2 yards available so there is a link on the product page which will bring you to 1/2 yard item to purchase. For instance, if the fabric is $34 per yard, select the 1/2 yard priced at $17. 


We do not accept returns on merchandise unless it is faulty. Our markup is quite low and does not accommodate returns. We do inspect our cuts carefully before they are sent out. Please buy a sample. If you are still unsure, buy a yard. A larger piece of fabric is very helpful if you are unsure. 
Our Fabrics
Where does our fabric come from? Mostly China but many other countries manufacture textiles. From there we work with reliable local wholesale suppliers of high quality interior design textiles. Many of our fabrics are otherwise only available to trade and purchased by designers and manufacturers so you will not see most of these fabrics at your local fabric store.


Fabric is heavy and shipping is expensive and Canada is large. So shipping can be costly. It is our policy to bring you the best shipping rates we can. We do not profit off shipping costs.
If you wish for express shipping let us know and we will give you a price.
We ship Canada Post and USPS insured Priority or Express post, whichever is fastest to your location. 
We have flat rate shipping of $10 for Ontario and Quebec and $15 for the rest of Canada. USA shipping is $20.00 for Continental USA. Please contact us for outside of those areas.
For smaller orders of up to 3 or 4 yards, we fold them and place them in a biodegradable envelope.
For larger orders, the fabric is folded in half lengthwise and rolled. We ship this way because it reduces the cost of shipping substantially.
If you wish to have fabric sent flat on a roll we can accommodate that. Just let us know and we will get you a shipping quote. There is a surcharge on shipping packages over 36" long.


We are committed to using environmentally friendly compostable packaging. Some items may ship directly from the warehouse and therefore may be packaged differently.