The Best Cat Proof Upholstery Fabric For Living Room Furniture

The Best Cat Proof Upholstery Fabric For Living Room Furniture

The quest to find the best cat proof upholstery fabric is a long and never-ending negotiation between you, your animals and your house.

My love of animals, especially cats is constantly in conflict with my love of home decor and fabrics for the home. I do accept some level of disarray in my home because of my cat and my dog. Both of my animals are rescues, so I can't feel too feel bad about the disorder they cause. And my animals add so much that is good to my life. Meeting new neighbours on dog walks, and at night a kitty on the lap disperses tension after a long day.


All cat owners are searching for anti-cat fabrics for sofas and chairs.

Saving your upholstery fabric from cat scratching takes dedication and a good deal of experimentation.

The Best Fabrics to Cat Proof Your Living Room Furniture

After so many years of seeing the damage to upholstery wrought by cats, I have come to the conclusion that there is no one perfect fabric. You can buy a heavy vinyl chair thinking your cat won't attack and the chair promptly becomes the cat's favourite scratching post.

While I am not sure a 100% anti-claw fabric exists, there are a few cat friendly upholstery fabrics that can be helpful. Smooth and thick brushed fabrics such as velvets and non-looped chenille are in my opinion the best cat proofing choice. Heavy, smooth and tightly woven canvas type synthetics such as indoor-outdoor fabrics can be unappealing to cats looking to get purchase with their claws. Some people recommend brushed microfibres. While microfibres do sometimes help, I just don't think they are very nice fabrics, and they have a lot of static, so they can hold on to fur and bits of dirt.
Do stay away from heavily textured tweed and nubby fabrics on your furniture.

Become A Cat Therapist

When it comes to discouraging cats, your choice of fabric is probably not the only furniture protection you will need. Unfortunately some cats need further scratch proofing.
Here is where you become a cat therapist. You need to try and figure out why the cat is scratching your furniture fabrics.
Although some cats defy logic, try to examine your cat's furniture scratching habits and see if you can discover any patterns. Remember that most cats use their claws for more than one reason. So you may need to discourage all of those behaviour's or just a few.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Does the cat claw the furniture in your absence or when you are present?
  • Is there a piece of furniture in the house that the cat ignores? If so, why?
  • Does the cat attack one piece, in a certain room or just everything everywhere?
  • If you move the victimized furniture, does the cat follow the furniture or attack the replacement?

Consider some reasons cats will claw furniture:

  • The fabric is irresistible with some yummy bumps and loops to pull at.
  • The cat is leaving a scent or marking. 
  • Your furniture is a jungle gym.
  • The cat want attention.
  • To file their nails.
  • Cats can scratch new furniture because it smells funny to them.
  • The furniture is close to the exit you use.

Here are some things things to try:

  • Keep your cats nails short. Train kittens to the nail clippers.
  • Use an old unwashed blanket to as a sofa protector for new furniture.
  • Keep an old worn sweatshirt close to the location the cat scratches.
  • Rearrange your furniture, if you can.
  • Use scent strategically:
-Citrus scents repel cats, use in hidden areas of the furniture.
-Rub scratch posts with cat nip. 
  • Allow the cats a satisfying high perch with a cosy bed and some toys. Make sure they can either hide away or sit and supervise the room.
  • Use many scratching posts and try them in different locations, including exits and in front of the furniture. Try many scratching surfaces. You can buy expensive cat condos or posts can be made cheaply. Your cat does not mind! Get the wood cut at the lumber yard and then you just need a couple of screws and some staples.

Here is our collection of Cat friendly upholstery fabrics.....

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