How to Sew a Seat or Bench Cushion

Here is an infographic with helpful information for beginners on sewing a professional looking: 

    • box seat cushion cover
    • bench cushion
    • sofa cushion
    • outdoor cushion
    • slipcover cushion

There is some more information below regarding yardage requirements and creating an opening for your project.




How much fabric do I need?

Usually the fabric required to sew a sofa seat cushion (26" x 28") takes about 1 yard of fabric. 

For most fabrics, it is best to feed through the sewing machine with the band placed below the cushion top and bottom. This prevents unsightly rippling off the band because the sewing machine foot will naturally feed the top fabric through a little faster, creating a small amount of tension on the band. 

How do I sew a zipper?

If you are new to zippers and find them intimidating, consider a Velcro opening at the back of the cushion. This is much easier to sew and works just as well.

The pattern layout shown here works for solid fabrics look the same whether they are cut top to bottom or side to side.


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