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Casa Gold and Silver

Casa Gold and Silver

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Delicate brushed stripe upholstery fabric available in some very attractive colours. My favorite are the grey/ivory and aqua. Tiny stripes like these are a great way to add interest in a room and still maintain the calming feeling you get from using a lot of solids and monochromes.

Brushed fabrics tend to be long wearing and spots tend to sit on top of the fabric making clean up a little easier. Small patterns like these are also better at hiding dirt.

The stripe is about 1/16" wide.

This fabric is dryclean.

Width is 52"

95,000 double rubs.

Here are all the colours...

All the fabrics listed on this site are 52" to 56" wide, except those labelled double with drapery.

You can add a half yard by going to the link below.

Please contact us if you require more than the listed quantity. It is usually not a problem to order additional quantities quickly.

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