Collection: Outdoor

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way since Sunbrella started in the 1950's. There have been some recent developments with U.V. and water resistance treatments which I am really impressed with. Some are completely waterproof and some are water resistant. 

The new outdoor fabrics also are better at resisting sun damage which is very helpful. Most people don't have a covered patio and resent having to take their cushions in before it rains and of course forgetting. 

These days if you wrap your foam cushions in inexpensive Silk Film and use a treated fabric, it is set and forget affair. Any water that gets on the cushions will evaporate in minutes. And when they start to look like they need a wash, you can just hose them down with a spray cleaner.

So take a look at our offerings here. There is a good selection but my favourites are the tiny stripes in grey and royal blue.