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Mandala Stonewash Indigo

Mandala Stonewash Indigo

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Pretty faded circular boho-ish print. This print will grow on you until you love it. What I love about these faux faded prints is that you will not notice when they do actually fade!

The weight is suitable for all home decor projects, upholstery, whindows and bedding.

100% cotton

Width 54"

9.5 ounces

Repeat 9"

This fabric is available in 3 washed out can see them all here

Minimum purchase is 1 yard.

You can add a half yard to your purchase here..

All the fabrics listed on this site are 52" to 56" wide, except those labelled double with drapery.

You can add a half yard by going to the link below.

Please contact us if you require more than the listed quantity. It is usually not a problem to order additional quantities quickly.

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