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Festival Aqua

Festival Aqua

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Delightful indoor outdoor floral fabric. This type of fabric is suitable for any indoor/outdoor area that gets a lot on sun.  Dralon is coated with Teflon, for added water, U.V. and stain resistance. Fabrics dry within minutes. For outdoor furniture, you can hose it down with a suitable fabric cleaner spray product

This fabric is rated to the highest water resistance. We tested it to see how it performs by making a little pouch and pouring water in to the pouch. We tried to make the water pass through the fabric by rubbing it between our fingers and it stayed dry. Then we poured the water out. The remailing small amount water pooled on the outside of the fabric.

If you want good waterproofing you also need to make sure to seal the seams. There are various products available for this, iron on, or in a tube. You could probably also use fabric glue.

 Do keep in mind that you should avoid getting foam filled cushions wet. Some outdoor cushions are filled with spun materials which dry very fast after rain. Most outdoor furniture is best somewhat protected from weather. 

100% solution dyed Dralon Acrylic

Repeat 4"

100,000 double rubs.


All the fabrics listed on this site are 52" to 56" wide, except those labelled double with drapery.

You can add a half yard by going to the link below.

Please contact us if you require more than the listed quantity. It is usually not a problem to order additional quantities quickly.

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